12 Pieces Of Shabby Chic Decor To Use All Around The House💝 Home Tour

12 Pieces Of Shabby Chic Decor To Use All Around The House💝 Home Tour

0:00 A shabby chic design often includes a variety of decorative elements and ornamental features.
0:11 Slipcovers patchwork
White, patchwork or pastel slipcovers over larger living room furniture pieces and a coffee table create charming shabby chic style in the living area.

1:21 rustic details
for example: basket pots, rustic wood trays, hardwood floors
Stylish vintage details

1:35 White Wood Dining Room Table
Slipcovers are part and parcel of any shabby chic style room and can quickly transform existing furniture.

2:42 Creamy Kitchen Tones
Look how pretty! Soft, pale color tones mixed with dreamy, almost ethereal whites, create the perfect shabby chic Kitchen palette.

4:29 Topiaries & Shutters
the shutters are part of the decorations of old houses that together with the topiaries in pots are another way to bring the outside inside
4:50 Vintage lantern Centerpieces
There are many styles of vintage lanterns, just follow your style and you will find the most suitable to have the Shabby chic style.
5:05 Chic Bathroom
a romantic and charming bathroom. Decorate your shabby chic powder room in style with the right accessories, towels, tiles, flowers, baskets …
6:14 Framed Wall Mirrors
Framed wall mirrors another way to repurpose windows and shutters in the bedroom
6:28 Creamy bedroom Tones
unifying the spaces in the interior decoration is very easy if you already have a style in mind

7:01 Wooden Trays & Fresh Florals
Wooden trays and fresh flowers, simple details that help to identify the style

7:39 Shabby Chic Accent Wall
Subtle shabby chic touches mixed with glamorous elements (example white frame, lamp nightstands) produce a perfect relaxing balance

7:52 white wicker chairs
welcome to your ideal decorating style

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