5 Kitchen Decor Ideas Part-2/ Easy Kitchen DIY's/ Kitchen Decoration Ideas

5 Kitchen Decor Ideas Part-2/ Easy Kitchen DIY's/ Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Hello, everyone!! Thank you for your interest in CRAFT CLUB.
This is part two of kitchen decoration DIYs.

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The material I purchased online
Decoupage Napkin (in honey bottle) https://itsybitsy.in/collections/all/products/decoupage-napkin-sweet-things-12x12inch-3ply-1pc?ref=MFt7eRP92xcvT
Decoupage Napkin (in the magnetic planter) https://itsybitsy.in/collections/all/products/decoupage-napkins-13-x-13-inch-lavender-meadow-3-ply-1pc?ref=MFt7eRP92xcvT
Brick Stencil https://itsybitsy.in/collections/all/products/stencil-brick7-3x-9-7inch-1-piece?ref=MFt7eRP92xcvT
Flower Stencil https://itsybitsy.in/collections/stencils/products/stencil-garden-vine-4×4-inch-1pc?ref=MFt7eRP92xcvT
Mixed Media Paste https://itsybitsy.in/collections/all/products/mixed-media-paste-2-in-1white-400gm?ref=MFt7eRP92xcvT
Wood Panel https://amzn.to/2QBNDyx
Gesso https://itsybitsy.in/collections/all/products/camel-artists-gesso-500mlwhite?ref=MFt7eRP92xcvT
Mouldit https://itsybitsy.in/collections/all/products/fevicryl-shilpkar-non-sticky-50-gm?ref=MFt7eRP92xcvT
Craft Knife https://amzn.to/3gXODrJ
Mod-podge https://itsybitsy.in/collections/all/products/fevicryl-modge-podge-100ml-bottle-1pc?ref=MFt7eRP92xcvT
Varnish https://itsybitsy.in/products/artists-picture-varnish-spray200ml?ref=MFt7eRP92xcvT

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    I want to ask.. Whether money plant grows in these kind of magnetic planters or not?

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    Thank you Crafters, for letting me pop in your day. Check all the material in description box and click on the link for Part -1 Kitchen Decor Ideas https://youtu.be/7p5eu9QRzfI
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    You have amazing talent and u do it so nicely. Weldone

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