50 Concrete Floor Ideas

50 Concrete Floor Ideas

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Designers and homeowners alike have nominated concrete as their flooring material of choice, and for more than one good reason.

Appearing in trendy retail spaces, upscale offices, and nouveau dining establishments, as well as stylish households, a concrete floor lends an industrial sophistication with the added benefit of convenience.

Best of all, there are multiple concrete styles and substrates to choose from.

Microtoppings, acid staining, painted overlays, and even saw-cut textures and patterns are just a few updated additions to the concrete flooring template, leaving the days of drab gray bleakness in the dust. Inlaid tiles and sculptural motifs are always possible with modern concrete, and the material’s natural ability to blend with and compliment the surrounding elements makes for a superbly seamless pairing.

Additionally, concrete flooring is cost-effective and guarantees years of use, with comparatively little upkeep, proving that style need not come at the expense of convenience. Concrete flooring is also ideal for those who suffer from allergies, and prefer an alternative to standard carpeting and wood flooring.

Easy to maintain and strikingly nuanced, these concrete floor ideas feature the new material for a new era. More manageable than carpeting and not as fussy as hardwood flooring, concrete is raw refinery at its best. No bleak institutional overtones in your home; the up-to-date concrete floor is modern elegance with a repurposed edge.

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