70 Great Room Ideas

70 Great Room Ideas

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As the name implies, you don’t want your great room to be anything less than great.

The design you choose for your great room is likely dependent on the design for the rest of your house.

If your home is a rustic log cabin theme, consider having a stone fireplace serve as the center of your great room. It will be a fantastic focal point and keep you and your family warm in the winter. In addition to the fireplace, if you have an open concept in your great room, consider filling it with plush couches for a cozy atmosphere.

If your great room is more modern themed, you could opt for a slightly more structured floor plan. Pick a statement coffee table, and arrange a couch and chairs around it to encourage conversation in your great room. Also, consider an accent light feature for an added statement piece in the room.

If you do not have much space in your great room, you could open up the great room and kitchen to make more room. If your kitchen has a bar area, it will make for a great transitional area where people can walk in and grab a drink or snack. These great room ideas are the best places for gathering with family and friends, so making the room as comfortable as possible is essential for any great room, regardless of the theme of the room.

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