80 Grey Bathroom Tile Ideas

80 Grey Bathroom Tile Ideas

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Grey often gets a bad rep, frequently–and unfairly–associated with melancholy and unappealing weather that drives one indoors when they’d rather be out in the sun.

However, those with more enlightened aesthetic sensibilities beg to differ. Grey is more than just a storm cloud or kinky bestselling book franchise, it’s the shade of brooding elegance and unforced privilege, of warm cups of Earl teat and slate beaches, and those quiet moments of contemplation apart from the influences of the outside world.

The grey bathroom tile scheme evokes sea passages and nautical getaways, at once handsome and simple to implement into your design scope. Grey never overwhelms the greater picture, and your personal effects and preferred splashes of color will only enhance the overall effect of your bathroom abode. From floor to ceiling and most certainly within the shower and bordering the bathtub, grey tiles elevate your bathroom to a new standard of fine living.

Unforced and unequivocally elegant, your grey tiled bathroom welcomes you and your guests alike with the promise of absolute serenity. No drama or drab skies here; your grey bathroom is a gentleman’s retreat, a place to revive and restore, and return to the world a new man.

Grey has long been embraced by nouveau designers as the ideal counterpart hue for any home or interior room. Whether it’s a simple detail you’re looking to upgrade or an entire do-over, grey is the go-to choice of the man who prefers minimal drama and a lot of allure.

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