Art Deco Bathroom Ideas. Art Deco Bathroom Design and Decoration.

Art Deco Bathroom Ideas. Art Deco Bathroom Design and Decoration.

Art Deco, a French origin trend, emerged after 1920. Although we see beautiful examples in architecture, we often see it in home decoration because of the art movement.
Luminous designs, where simple lines are combined with rounded corners, have been a source of inspiration in different areas. It can be preferred for Art Deco home decoration, especially for bathrooms.
We can evaluate the materials used in the Art Deco style in the luxury class.
It contains different elements because it is influenced by geometric shapes, straight lines and many art movements. If you are going to use Art Deco in bathroom decoration, you should prefer reflections of modern art. Bright colors, contrast and quality will complement this design.
You can start by choosing marble materials for your bathroom. If you do not want to apply marble, it can be used in ceramics with marble appearance.
To increase the effect, you should choose the right color, for example; Colors such as navy blue, white, black and emerald green will be very suitable for this style. Brass and gold plated materials allow you to reinforce the Art Deco look in the bathroom. Washbasins will be combined with these materials and become suitable for Art Deco design.
You can see the bathrooms decorated with Art Deco designs in the video.


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