Best Interior Design Trends 2022 / HOME DECOR TRENDS FOR 2022

Best Interior Design Trends 2022 / HOME DECOR TRENDS FOR 2022

Interior Design Trends 2022
Trends should not be taken as a dictatorship or instructions for action, they are just new options from which you can choose something, if it suits your taste and the desired mood in the interior.
Now let’s look at trends. Over the past couple of years, we have been spending more time at home and this has had an impact on the design industry.
The main global trend, natural colors, materials, textures in the interior. Due to the inability to spend much time in nature, we invite her home. Peace, visual silence, simplicity and naturalness are the main features of the interior of 2022.
Recently, the beige color has begun to return to our lives and homes. Now his fans are not afraid to look unfashionable. This warm, natural, sunny shade is one of the basic interior colors of next year.
And the main color of the year can be called green, and not any, but a muted warm grassy shade.
You can also see deeper saturated versions of these colors in the actual interior, it does not have to be pale or bland at all.
Also a noticeable trend is the presence of black details. They create a good contrast with soft natural shades and help the interior look more collected and solid. Black color is often found in nature, therefore it harmoniously complements and enhances muted neutral shades.
Materials and textures
Now let’s talk about materials and textures. From what he saw, it is clear that glossy surfaces are leaving life. This is not surprising, because in wildlife it is extremely rare to find something shiny and glossy.
Matte surfaces are in fashion. Natural materials stone, marble and granite, wood, which has the most natural natural shade.
The same applies to fabrics, cotton and linen in natural, undyed colors fit into the current interior as well as possible.
There are very noticeable trends in light shades of wood for flooring. Parquet covered with a matt lacquer that preserves the natural color of the wood.
In wall decoration, plaster with a relief texture is often found. The surface of the wall has slight imperfections, as if it was not created by man, but gradually acquired its texture under the influence of rain and wind.
There are many more trends in the coming year, you have learned about the most noticeable ones. And if you like active bright colors, do not rush to get upset, they still have a place in life.
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