Best New Garage Flooring Ideas — Plastic Tiles or Polyurea?

Best New Garage Flooring Ideas — Plastic Tiles or Polyurea?

When it comes to the best new garage floor ideas, is polyurea the best choice over plastic tile or epoxy? These are the questions we asked ourselves before removing our garage tile and installing a polyurea floor coating in the “Clean Room” for our detailing studio, Simon’s.

With the polyurea floors now complete, we wanted to take a deep dive into the reasons why we chose polyurea and why it’s the ideal flooring for a detailing garage use case. To get these answers, Dr. Beasley’s Director of Success Chris Racana spoke with Gary Kriz, the co-owner of White Rabbit, who was happy to help break down what it is that makes polyurea the superior option.

This video is part of a series on our “Clean Room” reflooring project:

Garage Tiles for Detailing — Are They Worth It?
Polyurea Garage Reflooring Timelapse (Complete Process)

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    Done correctly for years of life under constant use. I find the point of UV protection in most garages to be of irrelevant to most home owners

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