Fast Food Restaurant Interior Design Ideas – Projects A to Z

Fast Food Restaurant Interior Design Ideas – Projects A to Z

Design Concept: In this project vibrant colors and creative display of spices helped form a lively falafel shop that serves organic ingredients. The owner’s culinary back ground with gourmet food cooking adds unique touches to the specialty sandwiches. Herbs become the center of focus in this design as they are being displayed and showcased on the wall and floor that not only add color and texture to the interior, but are also appetizing in a casual dining environment. The contrasting colors represent colors of the herbs and spices that are soft enough for the eyes of everyday customers. A glass partition divides the dining room for privacy, but still transparent enough to make the room feel open and airy. Causal slogans are written on the wall not only for decoration purpose, but also to help customers get a taste of the restaurant culture. Exotic zebra wood pattern laminate covers the bottom half of the wall for protection and style. All elements in this design combine to form a cheerful environment for a healthy dining experience.

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