Heating film installation under the laminate floor | Heat Decor heating film

Heating film installation under the laminate floor | Heat Decor heating film

Underfloor heating with infrared heating films directly under floor panels is currently the most popular electric heating system used in housing. The high popularity of this heating system is due to the reasonable costs of operating the heating film and low investment outlays compared to other heating systems.

Floor coverings made of laminated panels are the most frequently chosen finishing material used in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, room or office. It is characterized by a low purchase price, a very wide range of colors and a very simple assembly. Laminated panels are also a great cladding for underfloor heating with heating films. Floor panels used for heating floors with heating films are installed in a floating system on a so-called lock. Installation of floor panels in a floating system allows very precise installation of the heating film practically on the entire surface of the room creating surface heating. Such covering of the heating film enables even temperature distribution throughout the room and heating works at low temperatures, which translates into comfort of use and stable floor temperature.

Underfloor heating with Heat Decor heating film is included in infrared heating systems due to the unique graphite structure of the heating film. The heat emitted from the heating film heats the floor, walls, ceiling, objects and people in the room. Heated infrared objects give their heat to the air. This form of heating has a positive effect on the indoor climate of the room and reduces the feeling of dry air and convection.
Direct location of the heating film under floor panels in underfloor heating causes that heat is introduced into the room in a direct way, reducing the time of room heating and floor heating.

Underfloor heating with heating film can be used as the primary source for heating rooms, as well as additional heating for the comfort of a warm floor. The entire heating system is very easy to install and can be used at any stage of renovation or in newly designed buildings.
The floor heating system is maintenance free because it is controlled by means of electronic room thermostats. Heating films are covered by a long-term warranty which ensures trouble-free operation of the heating system for many years.

The heating film under the panels can be successfully used in office rooms. Manufacturers of floor panels offer floor panels with high AC5 abrasion resistance parameters and larger. We can easily separate the appropriate heating zones in our office using electronic thermostats and program the heating system for optimal office work. Financial outlays on underfloor heating installations with heating films are small, and we also become independent of our heat supplier by regulating heat in accordance with our needs.

We install the heating film under the floor panels on the full surface of the room , except for the built-up area such as built-in wardrobes, chests of drawers, other furniture or appliances that adhere directly to the floor and are not placed on legs that allow free escape of heat.

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