Office Lighting Ideas – How to Choose Office Lighting

Office Lighting Ideas – How to Choose Office Lighting

Office Lighting Ideas – How to Choose Office Lighting
Best Office Lighting Design
Office lighting and commercial lighting, in general, differed greatly from those found in a residential setting.
Items for consideration
1. The lighting levels for the office
2. How you want the lighting design to look and the overall aesthetics
3. The cost budget for the installation
4. The expected longevity of the system
5. Ease of installation and disruption
6. Ease of service and ongoing maintenance
Best LED office lighting Levels
Lumens or Lux calculations are the way that levels for office lighting are measured. Visible light and its output form the basis of the calculations. Lumens is how we measure visible light. 1 Lux is equivalent to 1 lumen per 1 square metre
Thus, we can consider light output to be the lumen’s value. LEDs provide a greater lumen output, along with cost-effective operation.
The CIBSE Recommend the following for lighting levels for office
1. Standard Office Areas – Lighting Level of 500 Lux
2. Computer Areas – Lighting Level of 300 – 500 Lux
3. Filing Areas – Lighting Level of 300 Lux
4. Print Areas – Lighting Level of 300 Lux
5. Changing / Toilets – Lighting Level of 100-150 Lux
Office Lighting Ideas
When considering office lighting, these are the three most common types
1. LED Lighting
2. Fluorescent Lighting
3. Incandescent Lighting
Incandescent Lighting
This type of lighting is now rarely found in a commercial setting. It is outdated and ineffective. They will have either been replaced or left in only a few areas. However, they are still found.
The problems with this type of lighting are
1. They are the least energy-efficient of the lighting options
2. When operating, they operate at a higher temperature
3. They have a short service and maintenance life
4. They are costly to operate
In older office installation, this lighting was chosen when it was compared to fluorescent light fittings. They reached their light levels much quicker by comparison.
Fluorescent Lighting
In comparison to incandescent, these fittings are a big step up in comparison. That’s due to the increased longevity of the light fittings and bulbs compared to incandescent. In many cases, the additional lifespan might even be 20 times longer. Of course, they are still a shorter life span when compared to LED lighting
LED Lighting
LED lighting is the one found most often in a commercial and office environment. In most cases, it’s simply the best and only choice to go for. Furthermore, the majority and nearly all manufactured light fittings for the commercial space are manufactured with LED Technology.
LED Lighting has so many benefits and functionality. Hence, why it is the overriding choice for offices and commercial spaces
The advantages and benefits of LED lighting are:
1. The light fittings last the longest
2. They operate at a lower temperature. Especially when compared to fluorescent lighting
3. They provide greater lighting levels at lower wattage
Lower temperature results in lower energy usage and an overall lower operating cost
The additional advantage is although they use lower energy, it doesn’t affect the lighting level they output
In the majority of cases, the performance is increased, like for like.
The benefits of operating at a lower energy usage are
1. Reduction in energy used for the environment
2. Lower operating cost
3. Reduced maintenance and service
4. Increased timescales between replacements
LED Lighting for Office used to be the most expensive to buy and install. You only gained the savings on the cost reduction in operating them. However, as more was adopted, the manufacturing increased and economies of scale resulted in lower cost for purchase. In fact, the purchase costs dropped below those of alternative systems
Aesthetic Considerations for Office Lighting
Light coverage will probably be the first and main part of designing a system in a commercial space. However, how those lights look and create the design are a very close second.
Of course, the first role of lighting is to provide illumination. However, lighting design and fixture choice sets the tone for the overall feel, style, and look of the office. This design not only impacts your clients when they visit as part of your brand, but it is also an important part of the productivity of your employees.
Office Lighting Cost


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