Restaurant Bar Design – Family Casual Elegant Restaurant

Restaurant Bar Design – Family Casual Elegant Restaurant

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Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter — 4 seasons — the life cycle in a year, is always an attractive inspiration for design. It is intriguing, dynamic, and full of beauty. This restaurant has made a bold move to adapt this concept and bring life to it within its walls.

At the entrance of the restaurant, you are welcomed by winter — mysterious yet very intriguing. It is adorned with white twigs and leafless plants. It depicts a serene, snow-laden walk-way. LED lights will be installed to simulate snow falling down from the sky. The door is made of transparent glass so you can see through the restaurant and enkindles your curiosity with what might be inside.

As you you step through the glass doors, you will already feel Summer say hello. It offers a refreshing feeling of stepping out of dark winter directly into sunny summer. The shape of the ceiling is like the swirl of a seashell with bright orange lights like fire. There is a mix of colors at the bar giving it a lively vibe. Brick panels are installed on the walls to add authenticity and warmth to the space. The flooring is concrete stained in a sandy color so it’s like you’re walking on a beach.

Towards the left side is the Spring room where there are lots of greens to characterize budding life. There is a wine display that is framed with a light column on each end and a green wavy acrylic panel on top. This light column is enclosed by a resin panel with preserved grass inside accentuates the space and green drop lights helps create a fresh ambience.

Just beside the Spring room is the Autumn room. There is a special pattern on the ceiling that casts a nice shadow on the dining room. Brown organic withered plants with twigs in between were enclosed in a resin panel to match the pattern on the ceiling. This gave the autumn room dimension and distinct style.

Ambient lighting and a careful choice of color palette allows this design to show cohesiveness and brings this four season-style together.

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