Small apartment bathroom decorating ideas on a budget

Small apartment bathroom decorating ideas on a budget

Living in an apartment, or in a home with tiny rooms, can present a challenge: how to make your limited space seem larger. Get some Inspiration for designing,

styling, and decorating an apartment. Make your apartment look more inviting, more interesting and more like “home.” Here are a few ideas for apartment

interior decorating. No matter how tiny that studio apartment is, nothing beats having your own space. Make the most of your space with these decorating ideas

for small rooms from top designers. A uniform color palette keeps a small space from feeling too busy. Rugs are also a necessity to keep noise down, especially

in older apartments with wood floors. Keep accessories to a minimum for a relaxing feel. Mirrors are a great way to enhance a space, and they also trick the eye

into thinking a space is bigger than it really is. Bring interest and color into the space with wallpaper or a painted accent wall.

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