Top 5 AirBnb Unique Stays in Virginia

Top 5 AirBnb Unique Stays in Virginia

Being the “birthplace of the nation”, Virginia has a lot to offer – from primitive forests and slender mountains to countryside farms and beautiful vistas, Virginia has it all.
If you plan to visit the State, Airbnbs are the way to go; there are plenty of cozy and dreamy yet unique havens for you to enjoy your time in while creating unforgettable memories.

And, lucky for you, we’ve put together the top 5 unique Airbnb stays in Virginia below – without further ado, let’s get to it!

The Joshua Tree House

At a one-hour-fifteen-minute drive from the D.C. area and a ten-minute walk from downtown Joshua Tree is the iconic ‘Joshua Tree House’ – yes, you can actually experience the ultimate treehouse life at $209/night.

The Joshua Tree House has two bedrooms and one bath and can host 2 to 4 guests. It has a spiral staircase, a huge yard, and a jacuzzi surrounded by hundreds of trees.
Plus, the area is near Winchester and Delaplane VA, so you can expect a handful of wineries and breweries nearby.

If you’re in search of a unique area to reset and reflect while enjoying mother nature, Joshua Tree House is definitely for you. Unfortunately, however, it’s booked ahead of time, so you may have to wait for your turn … but oh well, good things take time.
Luxe Yurt

At the heart of a 70-acre farmstead somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains lies the Luxe Yurt – a place where aesthetic nature meets contemporary luxury.
The Luxe Yurt has a cozy bedroom and one bathroom. It sleeps three people and costs $172/night.

It is close to the Blue Ridge trail, which means you’ll have access to wineries, live music, restaurants, and a farmer’s market.
If the concept of glamping excites you – Luxe Yurt is where to go.

The Tug Boat

The Luxury Tugboat (quite literally) sits on a lake near an island occupying 142 acres of land. It offers 360-degree views and again gives the ‘glamping feel’.

The Tug Boat, with its two bedrooms and one bathroom, houses up to 5 people. Plus, it has hiking trails nearby. You can have a good time swimming in the lake, master some stand-up paddleboarding, hunt the waters for fish, go hiking, and explore the island nearby.

Considering the amenities, broad vistas, and numerous activities, spending a night in the tug boat is pricey, averaging at $465/night.

Evans-Wells Farm House

Close to the horse-seeing town, Middleburg lies a picturesque farmhouse in a serene setting. It provides the perfect Airbnb stay for a unique, farm-style experience, priced at $316/night.

It has 2 bedrooms, three bathrooms and sleeps up to 4 people. Plus, it offers beautiful views of greenery and hilly mountains.

If you want to slip away from the worries of daily life in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, this Idyllic Virginia Farm House is a great choice.

Hobbit Style Underground Cabin

This underground earth house is hands-down the most unique Airbnb stay. Every component of the house is intricately handcrafted, with the entire experience encompassing glamping style. During your stay, you’ll enjoy isolated time in nature while having access to amenities.

It contains one bedroom and one bathroom and is a more pocket-friendly option priced at $139/night.

However, this cabin is so loved that it is booked for the rest of the year already; you’ll have to keep an eye on its availability before you book it.

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