Wolf Peak Modern Model Show House – Best Entryway Lighting Tips – Lamps Plus

Wolf Peak Modern Model Show House – Best Entryway Lighting Tips – Lamps Plus

Lamps Plus is bringing you back to the Wolf Peak Modern Model Show House, where designer Jennifer Farrell shows us how she created a welcoming entryway. Visit our website to explore more options for entryway lighting: https://www.lampsplus.com/?sourceid=SMYOUTWolfPeakEntrywayTipsLPTipsDescRHTlUChlBvk&src=youtube&mdm=video&cmp=WolfPeakEntrywayTipsLPTips&trm=Desc&cnt=RHTlUChlBvk
Lamps Plus is once again ready to join famed designer Jennifer Farrell as she returns to the Wolf Peak Modern Show House to demonstrate her best entryway lighting tips. Lamps Plus is proud to be the foremost lighting sponsor for the Wolf Peak model home and is happy to join you all on this ongoing tour.

Your home’s entryway, also known as a foyer, is the first place you can make an impression on guests as you welcome them into your home. Making a statement can be very important here! For larger entryways, installing an eye-catching chandelier or pendant light can really bring that wow factor, creating a conversation-starter.

Conversely, you want to avoid cluttering your entryway with designs. Whether it is a piece of furniture or a chandelier, one large statement piece is all you need.

You can also add a bit of function to an entryway by including an ottoman. Ottomans provide both seating and utility, providing a simple space for your guests to store coats or bags, or making it easy to put on your shoes before leaving the house! This piece of furniture is all about creating options.

To achieve that stylish modern look when using mixed metals, try to match your lighting fixtures with your furniture. This can help create a classy flow and avoid clashing decors or styles.

0:00 – Video Begins
0:15 – Entryway, or Foyer
0:21 – Chandeliers Bring the Wow Factor
0:36 – Geometric Designs Guide Gaze
0:44 – Ottomans For Seating and More
1:08 – Tip 1 – Use a Large Statement Piece
1:16 – Tip 2 – Match Mixed Metal Combinations

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