Wolf Peak Modern Model Show House – Best Home Office Lighting Tips – Lamps Plus

Wolf Peak Modern Model Show House – Best Home Office Lighting Tips – Lamps Plus

Return to the beautiful Wolf Peak model show house, nestled in the picturesque Malibu Hills of Southern California, as designer Jennifer Farrell imparts wisdom and tips on how to properly outfit your home office. Visit our website to explore more lighting options: https://www.lampsplus.com/?sourceid=SMYOUTWolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTipsDescsX-YtkGoljw&src=youtube&mdm=video&cmp=WolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTips&trm=Desc&cnt=sX-YtkGoljw

Lamps Plus is proud to be the foremost lighting sponsor of the Wolf Peak model show house, outfitted by expert designer Jennifer Farrell. Lamps Plus and Jennifer return to this exquisite example of modern aesthetics with our Best Home Office Lighting Tips.

With the move to working from home part- or full time, maintaining a comfortable and well lit home office is more important than ever. Finding the right desk and chair combination to avoid adding stress onto your body while deep in focus is tantamount. As is the need for multiple lighting sources providing enough illumination to disperse shadows and make it easy to read those important documents.

0:00 – Video Begins
0:20 – Use Multiple Light Sources
0:40 – Use Adjustable Arms for Task or Reading Lights
0:45 – Place Lamps to Avoid Shadows
0:55 – USB Lamps Keep Desks Tidy
1:10 – Workstation Charging Base
1:32 – Lamps for Working From Home
1:39 – Stand-Up Desks
1:53 – Convertible Shelves and Tables
1:58 – Tease of Upcoming Webcam Tips Video
2:06 – Use Comfortable Seating

Shop our complete collection of close-to-ceiling lights to provide an overhead light source: https://www.lampsplus.com/products/close-to-ceiling-lights/?sourceid=SMYOUTWolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTipsDescsX-YtkGoljw&src=youtube&mdm=video&cmp=WolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTips&trm=Desc&cnt=sX-YtkGoljw

Adjustable desk lamps are the perfect addition to your home office space: https://www.lampsplus.com/products/desk-lamps/type_adjustable/?sourceid=SMYOUTWolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTipsDescsX-YtkGoljw&src=youtube&mdm=video&cmp=WolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTips&trm=Desc&cnt=sX-YtkGoljw

Make it easy to charge your phones or other devices by purchasing a table lamp with built-in USB charger: https://www.lampsplus.com/products/table-lamps/type_usb/?sourceid=SMYOUTWolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTipsDescsX-YtkGoljw&src=youtube&mdm=video&cmp=WolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTips&trm=Desc&cnt=sX-YtkGoljw

Find the right adjustable desk for your work: https://www.lampsplus.com/products/tables/type_desks/feature_adjustable/?sourceid=SMYOUTWolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTipsDescsX-YtkGoljw&src=youtube&mdm=video&cmp=WolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTips&trm=Desc&cnt=sX-YtkGoljw

Browse our collection of office chairs to find the most comfortable option for your needs: https://www.lampsplus.com/products/seating/type_office-chairs/?sourceid=SMYOUTWolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTipsDescsX-YtkGoljw&src=youtube&mdm=video&cmp=WolfPeakOfficeTipsLPTips&trm=Desc&cnt=sX-YtkGoljw
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