#1 DIY Small Living Room Spring Makeover on a Budget

#1 DIY Small Living Room Spring Makeover on a Budget

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Spring has awakened. I can see new outlook on my surroundings. So is the time for our little home. I did a small makeover and redecorate our living just a bit for a fresh look!

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So many of you have asked me how to paint this wall, which I painted it 3 years ago. It was actually very easy and straightforward:
1. Choose your favorite blue/green color (mine is Caribbean 4D)
2. Use a normal medium pile roller to paint the green/blue color freestyle 😉
3. Splash the white color on the wall ☺️




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Drill Set: https://geni.us/86drill
Hammer Drill: https://geni.us/86hammer
Screwdriver: https://geni.us/86screw
Jigsaw: https://geni.us/86jigsaw
Sander: https://geni.us/86sander
Workstation: https://geni.us/86sjobergs
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Canon 17-55mm f/2.8: https://geni.us/86Canon1755
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iMac Pro 27”: https://geni.us/86imac
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0:00 Intro
0:34 More Plants!
2:06 Stuffs from Thrift Stores
2:57 New Prints
3:17 Making new plant pot covers
4:37 Taking Care of my plants
4:58 DIY plant hanger
5:43 Reorganizing Bookshelves
7:35 Board Games
8:03 Alexia cleaning up her toys
8:13 Small Touches
9:44 Removing old ceiling lights
10:11 Installing new lights
11:25 Making new throw pillows from old bed pillows
12:50 Before / After comparison

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    I am learning to sew, I will learn a instrument soon, I love to write stories and poems and somewhat draw. I also love decorating

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    Thank you guys for such positive feedbacks – If you want to read more about the makeover head out to the blog post below:

    Stay safe 🙂

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