10 Sectional Sofa ideas and Layouts

10 Sectional Sofa ideas and Layouts

Sectional sofas have been cornering the market for years. They offer a comfortable place to lounge on and stylish designs that add an upscale look.
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10. A Corner Sectional Sofa idea (00:43)
9. As a Room Divider (01:32)
8. L-Shaped Sectionals with Rectangular Coffee Table Idea (02:40)
7. A Sectional Sofa with A Round Coffee Table (03:29)
6. A Sectionals with Accent Walls Idea (04:17)
5. Simply Lay a Rug (04:56)
4. Accentuate It with a Throw (05:26)
3. Face TO the Entrance (05:54)
2. The Gray Sectional concept with Pops of Colors (06:19)
1. Anchor It with a Console Table (07:26)

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