6 Studio Apartment Layout Ideas | Apartment Therapy

6 Studio Apartment Layout Ideas | Apartment Therapy

Creating the perfect studio apartment layout is one of the most important pieces to creating your perfect home. Finding the right place for your bed, couch, and work-from-home office space can feel challenging. We’re here to help! We dived into our House Tour archives and gathered six of our favorite studio layout design tips from these incredible small homes.

0:00 – Floating Furniture
0:48 – Use lightweight furniture
1:13 – DIYs, like canopies, creates zones
1:48 – Big Furniture
2:18 – Use Rugs
3:11 – Create Nooks

Check out all of the tours featured in this compilation:
Bailey’s 200 Sq Ft – https://youtu.be/RGUMjSodF84
Lyndsay 800 Sq Ft – https://youtu.be/GBVIMSHMnyI
Jessica’s 520 Sq Ft – https://youtu.be/f2rrOuPlmtg
Bridget’s 520 Sq Ft – https://youtu.be/GGUngPJ-iiA
Courtney’s 330 Sq Ft – https://youtu.be/K6vzooIopnc
Maria and David’s Sq Ft – https://youtu.be/JaokO5fkgQE
Brian’s 350 Sq Ft – https://youtu.be/BaImcEmShac
Michelle’s 550 Sq Ft – https://youtu.be/otuhtScpxd0

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    Love this type of tour re: one theme through several homes. Please post more like this.

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    I’ve already seen all the videos in this presentation. Please give me new inspiration.

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    I love studios! I miss my midtown one..

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