60 Master Bathroom Ideas

60 Master Bathroom Ideas

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The master bathroom is the ultimate escape and sanctuary for the man who rules his abode with tireless proficiency.

Here is where he can retreat and revive himself, safe from disturbances or outside interference.

Since its inception the master bathroom has held a poignant place of honor in the home’s design scheme, a tradition that persists to this day. You don’t need to live like Jay Gatsby to savor your own bit of private luxury, and the modern master bathroom is the perfect example.

There is truly no limit to the inspirational plethora of bathroom designs: glass paneling and classic parquet tiling make for a breathtaking Art Deco experience, while warm Tuscan hues and cool Pacific blues show off your own ideal transatlantic getaway. Rustic repurposed cabinets and antique fixtures make for a cozy farmhouse washroom, while obsidian and slate offer a decidedly metropolitan perspective.

Your master bathroom is yours alone, and knowing that few others can impede on your personal space means no holds barred where your creative impulses are concerned–now is your chance. Whether you’ve dreamed of reclining like royalty in your own personal shower sauna or relaxing to the mellow earth tones of a cabin in the woods, your master bathroom is the domestic canvas you’ve been waiting for.

Life rarely awards day-to-day luxuries, and for many of us the decadent bathroom is a thing of 5 star hotels. Now is the time to seize a bit of that much-deserved splendor, whether it’s sinking into a deep claw footed tub or shaving at your leisure over a state of the art wash basin. Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but these top 60 best master bathroom ideas proves that you can achieve both in your own curated refuge.

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