APARTMENT TOUR – How To Decorate A Rental Apartment Using Thrift Store Furniture, Vintage Home Decor

APARTMENT TOUR – How To Decorate A Rental Apartment Using Thrift Store Furniture, Vintage Home Decor

This video is a 1 bedroom Apartment Tour in Brussels almost entirely decorated with Thrift store furniture, vintage home decor and Creative DIYs from Facebook marketplace and vintage stores in Belgium.

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– Berlin Apartment Tour

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00:00 Intro
00:46 Introducing Paulien
01:42 The Entryway
02:57 The Dining Room
08:24 The Gallery Wall + The Bench
12:13 Second Hand Find : The cool Teapot
12:30 The Living Room
15:20 The Sun Room
16:16 The Shelving System
17:37 The TOGO couch
18:52 The Kitchen
19:48 Tips to shop second hand furniture
23:11 Outro

Paulien, Dejvi (and their puppy Dexter) chose to furnish and decorate their first apartment using second hand furniture. The result is an absolutely beautiful and colorful home. I hope you will enjoy this apartment tour in Brussels Belgium.
We are starting this one bedroom colorful apartment tour with the entryway tour. Pauline did an entryway makeover because she wanted to change the wall colors to white. For the entryway decor, she decided to keep a minimalist aesthetic with decoration ideas such as wall prints and flowers.
We are pursuing this aesthetic apartment tour with the dining room tour. At first, they had the idea of making a dining table diy. It was a round table diy that they made for their Brussels Belgium home. However, the dining table DIY didn’t work, and they decided to do a dining room makeover. Paulien loves to decorate her home with vintage shopping finds and using thrift store furniture. This dining table makeover completely transformed the space. This dining room tour is full of home decoration ideas. She styled a corner of her colorful dining room with secondhand books, a cheap thrift store find, her coffee and tea rack. Paulien shares a good tip to decorate your home. She explains that you can find home decor inspiration online and then how to decorate your room using vintage furniture from what you previously found. The rug was a thrift store finds that works perfectly in the space. I would be remiss not to mention the vinyls collection. Paulien was wondering how to find storage in the living room and so utilizing Frank Ocean Blonde vinyl was a very good home decor hacks idea.
Paulien made a choice to decorate her apartment, using vintage home, Decor, thrift, store, furniture, and creative DIY’s. Paulien explains that this allowed her to decorate her home for cheap and she also chooses vintage shopping because of the environment.
We are moving to the living room tour of this house tour to a stunning gallery wall. The gallery wall ideas came before they chose how to decorate their first apartment in Brussels. A lot of the wall prints ideas for the living room came from prints that were collected during vacations as well as from friends, who are artists and painters. Dejvi also made two of the prints (they are available as Etsy prints). On the colorful bench DIY are second hand magazines. Paulien mentions a great home, decorating tips, which is to place your plants higher so they can appear to be bigger.
Before moving into her first apartment, Paulien was wondering how to choose the best sofa for the living room. As she was exploring Brussels vintage shopping scene, she came across the perfect couch for her living room. She explains that this is actually the main piece of vintage furniture in their living room decor. The home tour continues as we talk about the coffee table design. This unique coffee table was an online second hand furniture find. It perfectly fits the aesthetic of this living room apartment tour.
Some of the very colorful home decor in this apartment comes from paintings made in the sun room. The linen curtains bring a very cozy and chill vibe. This space also serves as storage space for the living room.
To top it all off, the living room also has a togo couch. I couldn’t resist and so I asked Paulien for a Togo couch review. She explained that the couch is comfortable enough although it doesn’t work with pillows. The open living room shelving is a shelving system from ikea. On the shelves Paulien’s home decorating ideas were to use plants, board games, books, a lamp and Frank Ocean Boys Don’t Cry Book for how to find home decor inspiration.
To finish the home tour of this unique and creative apartment, we are in the kitchen. There was no kitchen makeover, instead a Mediterranean cuisine was born. The kitchen is warm and colorful.
This house tour is perfect to get inspired and make your apartment the place of your dreams !

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