Decorating Your Rental Apartment 6 Ways – Interior Design Tips

Decorating Your Rental Apartment 6 Ways – Interior Design Tips

I get so many questions about decorating your rental apartments here on my channel. Rentals tend to have many restrictions. You may not be able to drill holes into the walls or you may have ugly floors to contend with. Some landlords won’t even let you paint the walls. So how can you go about updating the space so it reflects you and your style without breaking the rules? I’ve got 6 easy ways to help with decorating your rental home… Let’s check it out.

Image Sources:
Upper cabinets1&2:
Upper cabinets 3:

Cabinet hardware1:
Cabinet hardware2:

Tile decals1:
Tile decals2:

Removable wallpaper:

Washi tape1&2:


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