Homeless in Salt Lake City for 3 years, living in van #10

Homeless in Salt Lake City for 3 years, living in van #10

Divorced, lost job, lost home, living in his van and has largely given up. There does not seem to be any place where a person can go to receive help. Churches refer people to the government welfare office, the homeless shelter, and places that offer free meals.

Where can a person go to get tires, auto repair, or other small help that keeps them from falling even farther? There does not appear to be any place that provides charity. The government offers help a few weeks down the road if you have a few hours to fill out paper work. If someone stole your wallet, you can get zero help because the government does not provide charity. The government follows the Luciferian plan of forced charity.

Churches still accept millions, and even billions, in tithing and other donations that the giver thinks will be spent of helping people in need. The LDS Church reportedly has over $150 Billion with a B that was donated by people thinking that if a woman showed up with a child in tow that help would be offered. WRONG! The woman and child are turned away and told to seek government help. The money the church received from members to help the woman will be donated to the NAACP to fund abortions, the Black Lives Matter to finance violence, the WEF to support satan’s take over of the entire world called the New World Order or the Great Reset.

If you are donating to a charity, you need to realize that in some cases, like the Clinton Foundation, only 5% of the donations are actually used to help someone. The rest is eaten up in fat cat salaries.

Some organizations that pretend to be charitable, like the Deseret Industries are not accepting any further donations as they have no need for them. However, they are not willing to help a woman sleeping in her car with a 10 year old child.

It is unfortunate when the organizations that claim to be charitable and therefore pay no taxes on their loot are not willing to help a woman and child. The woman is told to go get raped at the shelter and get bitten by bed bugs.

Salt Lake City is the worldwide headquarters for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are the largest private land owner in the entire United States. They do donate millions of dollars to organizations that offer great publicity. They won’t help a hungry woman with a child however. They will refer her to a government agency instead.

Throwing money at a problem does not solve it. Helping the people on an individual basis is what solves it.

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