Interior Design of Calgary's Most Interesting Restaurant (House Tour)

Interior Design of Calgary's Most Interesting Restaurant (House Tour)

Amanda Hamilton of Amanda Hamilton Interior Design talks about the process of creating a unique luxurious interior design for a new Mediterranean travel inspired restaurant in Calgary, Canada, Kama restaurant.
We transport you into the restaurant interiors, give a house tour, while discussing the main project’s main challenges, the focus details, lighting, incorporating of artefacts and the whole interior design process of the space.

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00:00 Amanda Hamilton Interior Design
00:38 Kama restaurant
00:54 Arches and repetition in space
01:30 Mixed materials in design
01:55 Metals and brass
02:15 Plants in space
02:25 Banquettes
02:59 Lighting
04:18 Design process
05:50 Artefacts

Interior Design by Amanda Hamilton Interior Design
Lead Interior Designer: Sarah Peters
Object: Kama Restaurant
Head Chef: Chef Kenny Kaechele
Location: Calgary, AB Canada
Filmed and Edited by Ollimono Media
Production by The Ollimono Door
Photography by Niko Karle
AC: Kyrylo Kravets

| Interior Design of Calgary’s Most Brilliant Modern Restaurants (House Tour) |

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  1. The Ollimono Door on August 27, 2023 at 7:28 pm

    Would you want to dine in a restaurant with such thoughtful interior design and captivating atmosphere?

  2. Femarie Rosario on August 27, 2023 at 7:42 pm

    Gooooorgeous project. Congratulations!!! Would love to see more from you <3

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