Latest Restaurant/Cafe Interior Design Ideas | NEW DESIGN #tot

Latest Restaurant/Cafe Interior Design Ideas | NEW DESIGN #tot

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Presents The Best LUXURY RESTAURANT ” KALAUNJI” designed by
Arc. Abhishek Jain, Arc. Karan Taneja
Firm: Mobius Design Lab
Contact details: 8920488812
Instagram: – 8512000888

Mobius is an influential architectural firm in Delhi located in the central market, Punjabi bagh. They not only have a specific formula to craft but also have a timely response to how the world is changing and adapting. The brains behind the idea are Rachit gogia, Karan Taneja and Abhishek Jain. The founders were batchmates and have worked individually in esteemed architectural firms for initial years and thereupon proposed the idea of Mobius collectively.
Their most prestigious projects include celebrated business organizations inclusive of well-accomplished workspaces and some appealingly crafted homes.

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