Restaurant Design – Casual Elegant Restaurant and Bar Remodel

Restaurant Design – Casual Elegant Restaurant and Bar Remodel

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Who says you have to break your bank to decorate an inviting restaurant? Your customers can simply feel the love you put into your restaurant by a few simple updates. Here is what we did to this dated bistro in Pleasanton California.

First, we built a simple wood box around the existing columns to make them look more substantial, and then we refinished the bricks with a white wash to make them look cleaner and warmer. We replaced the existing chandeliers with something that’s more unique and elegant. Next, we added some custom sculptures around the chandeliers to dramatically increase the size of the fixtures. We also replaced the dated pendants with new modern ones without changing the locations.

To reface the existing counters, we simply use 1×6, 1×8 and 1×10 painted wood to create a casual and updated rustic look.

To create an interesting setting, we put in a round dining table with two wing back lounge chairs that we found on Amazon for only $199 each, and completed it with a custom made mirror. This can serve both as a waiting area or a regular dining area with flexibility.
With a few coats of paint, this place instantly looks more polished, updated and cared for.

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